Dr Jocelyn Redwood
(Dermatology Professor)




FacePolish Natural Blackhead Remover

by Dr Jocelyn Redwood (Dermatology Professor)

Using Tea Tree Extract from Australia as the core ingredient towards healing journey,

FacePolish Natural Blackhead Remover takes out blackheads quickly with natural

ingredients that ensures leaving a soft & smooth face for users.

Take control & defeat blackheads naturally with the smart option!

Why FacePolish Natural Blackhead Remover?

  • Having oily skin forms blackheads easily

  • Using fingers or tools may leave scars on the skin

  • Stripping out blackheads is quick and efficient

  • All the ingredients are totally 100% natural, cruelty-free!

Strip Blackheads Quickly

Take away blackheads from pores

effectively, leaving no scars behind!

Tighten Up Pores

Reduces pores size naturally, preventing

dust or dirt to hide inside the skin!

Firms Up Skin

Reduces saggy, wrinkly skins, leaving

bouncy and smooth texture appearance!

Tiffany Gertman's Story

"My Face Looks So Much Better & Healthier!"

I struggled with acne issues when I was 25, which affected my face pretty badly throughout my life, from trying to conceal it with makeups to getting alternatives to improve my situation (which btw didn't work for some reasons), I was feeling distressed.

Fast forward to 5 years teaching in a kindergarten home,

My supervisor, Patricia, who's face looked pretty young for someone who's on her early 60s recommended this FacePolish Natural Blackhead Remover by Dr Jocelyn Redwood that she have been using it since last year, things started to change for me after giving it a shot!

After 3 months of consistent using the Natural Blackhead Remover, the breakouts slowed down and some of the red bumps have been cleared out! I could not believe it! Finally a facial care treatment that actually work well for me!

The parents who came picking their children up in the kindergarten started asking about my face transformation and all I would just say is "try the Natural Blackhead Remover", because it worked for me and so did 55,765 people of both men and women that it had impacted on, all of us experienced a softer and smoother, healthy face!

All thanks to this amazing facial care product, FacePolish Natural Blackhead Remover which gave me my life back. No more saggy, wrinkly skins and no more spending on treatments that doesn't work!

The Professional Behind The Natural Blackhead Remover

She spend her time perfecting the right serum that is safe for application with her findings

Dr Jocelyn Redwood

"Remove blackheads without scarring skin."

Dr Jocelyn Redwood, a Dermatology Professor from St.Louis, Missouri

who dedicated her time to find a natural way to get rid of blackheads without leaving scars.

Through her research and findings, she finally found the natural core ingredient, "Tea Tree Extract" while gathering different natural plants and from that day, she spend her time formulating the serum and techniques.

Ultimately, she was able to formulate the right serum as we know today, "FacePolish Natural Blackhead Remover" which removes blackheads with ease and tighten up pores to provide soft and smooth face for users!

Core Natural Ingredient

The all-natural ingredient that makes facial care easier for many people

Tea Tree Extract

"Tea tree extract possess anti-inflammatory effect that soothe and relieve irritated skin. It also helps to reduce redness and swelling." (Redwood J., Dermatology Professor)

To put it simply, this amazing ingredient contains nickel that reduces inflamed skin due to skin sensitivity. Not only it is great for treating acne, it prevents and reduces acne scars, leaving the skin feeling smooth and clear.

With this incredible Tea Tree Extract, it boosts up overall skin health by 86% rate, ensuring to eliminate inflamed skin problems within with its anti-inflammatory effect.


The all-time method that keeps skin smooth & soft with good practice

Strip and Repeat!

It is simply easy to get soft & clean face with the right techniques.

Just do 2 times weekly and you're good to go!

This is the natural blackhead remover application guide.


We strive to help our customers achieve their satisfaction and these are their testimonials.




verified buyer ✅

"I've been struggling with blackheads acne for about 10 years now and it got to a point where it's making me worried about my face would ever recover.

"Thanks to FacePolish Natural Blackhead Removernot only they were quick in blackheads out, it tightens out the pores so it does not look saggy or wrinkly! I gotta say, the soft smooth feeling is pretty cool and it makes you glow beautifully! Just apply and strip those pores away!"

"In just 6 months of applying Natural Blackhead Remover, my face overcome the acne breakouts and it looks way more healthier than before! Definitely should try this Natural Blackhead Remover out because it keeps pores clean than usual and leaving face feeling smooth and good!"



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Q: How many times should I apply for the best effect to take place?

FacePolish Natural Blackhead Remover works best by applying 2 times a week. The Natural Blackhead Remover strips away any hidden blackheads that retains within the pores and leaving pores cleaner and ready to be tighten with the Pore Minimizer Serum.

Q: Does this work on men too?

They indeed is suitable for any skin type regardless of any gender. This Natural Blackhead Remover helps to remove blackheads effectively, ensuring even men's skin feel soft and good!

Q: Can it applied parts like forehead or chins instead of nose?

Most definitely possible! The strips provided are designed to fit to any facial parts with ease and fully ready to rip those blackheads away from pores!

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