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Why Do You Need GolfPro Mat Swing Corrector

If you want to get better and are one of the golfers whose not been able to get outside to practice your game much during lockdown, then this is a must-have!

It doesn't matter if you are just a beginner or a professional on tour, the mat will track your swing path to through impact. You can see exactly where the club face strikes the ball.

So whether you are male or female, professional athlete or a casual player, our GolfPro Mat Swing Corrector will help improve your swing and make your life easier out on the course!

How GolfPro Mat Swing Corrector Helps? 

Perfect Impact Everytime

Knowing where your club makes the first contact is so critical. 

In fact, hitting the ball first in a downward angle can improve your distance by as much as 20 yards! 

No matter if you are practicing or hitting the ball, your club will leave a temporary mark on the mat. 

Better impact

Improve distance

Analyze your swing after your shot

Hello to Straight Balls

Did you know that 90% of slices or hooks are the results of a wrong club's head path? Cutting the ball or coming from the inside is detrimental to your results. 

Getting the face square at impact on the right line is the ultimate fix. 

Our mat enables you to: 

Know where your club made first contact at every swing: good contact with the golf ball is key

Analyze the club path after your swing: train to got it on line consistently

Premium Material

Our Swing Mat is made of premium material. High-quality rubber at the bottom - turf hitting surface simulated real fairway. 

Allows a true feeling of hitting, driving & chipping. 

Rubber bottom to prevent the mat from slipping even on your house's flour

Portable & Compact

Our GolfPro Mat is small and portable, you can take it to practice anywhere at your office, home, or outdoors!

We recommend you use soft balls to practice indoors.

The bag that comes with it make it easy to transport. 

Lightweight and can be rolled up and stored 


Get Free Golf Balls & 50% Off! 

PGA TOUR's Hottest Training Aid

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Two Type Of GolfPro Mat 

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Type A

Indoor Mat 
Extra Free: Tapex1, Storage Bagx1

Type B

Outdoor Mat
Extra Free: Tapex1, Nailx4, Storage Bagx1

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LED Golf Balls - 6pcs. 

Brightly Flashing on Impact. Especially When You Hit Out Balls, will Shows One Beautiful Arc in the Sky. Great for night golf. 

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Golf Practice Net - 1 Meter. 

Easy setup Golf Net would save your precious personal time much better so that there is more time to enjoy Golf Game Indoor or Outdoor. 


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GolfPro Mat
GolfPro Mat
GolfPro Mat
GolfPro Mat
GolfPro Mat
GolfPro Mat
GolfPro Mat
GolfPro Mat

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Type AType B
Mat OnlyWith LED BallsWith NetWith LED Balls + Net
GolfPro Mat Size: 60*30*0.7CM
LED Balls: 6pcs
Golf Net Size: 1 Meter