• The method that eliminates "hard-to-budge" bald spots

  • The method that leaves no harmful side effects

  • The method that goes all natural for hair growth

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Dr. Alexander Briggs (Research Pharmacologist)

University of Texas Health Science Center

Richard Hemmings (Accounting Manager)

Dallas, Texas

Hi there, I'm Richard Hemmings.

I struggled with Male Pattern Hair Loss when I was 22. As it progressed in my life, it made my life unbearable especially affecting my mood which almost cost me my job in an accounting firm. I tried all kinds of methods but none of them gave me results, just a bucket full of false hopes!

Until I found out about this "Panax method" by Dr. Alexander Briggs, my life from that day onwards changed forever for the better! Not only that I don't have to fork out a huge sum of money every month, I also get to see hair growing out through the bald spots! So swift and natural that I feel at ease putting into practice!



("Panax method" totally fixed the bald spots that are hard to get rid off for years!)

All thanks to this revolutionary, natural, and swift method I’m about to show you, from a research pharmacologist back in Houston, Texas who dedicated his time in formulating this natural hair regrowth method!

No more paying for overly expensive treatment methods or over-the-counter medications that hardly sees improvement on the hair condition where it also leaves risk negative side effects to the body.

Little did anyone know, there’s this bizarre “poison” that is producing right in this very second in everyone’s body! Yes! Even women too! It is responsible for hair loss and putting everyone in a severe risk of depression.

Thanks to the 97,989 positive responses I received since sharing this method out, I can totally 100% guarantee that this is definitely a natural method which helps to eliminate hair loss and bald spots that cause depression and anxiety for many men and women.

By the time you are done with this presentation, you’ll see men and women alike using this natural and inexpensive hair loss prevention techniques to eradicate this “poison” that’s inside their bodies now.

(Danny Jules, of Evanston, Wyoming...)

(Florence Mark, of Salem, Massachusetts...)

(Ricardo Kent, of Flagstaff, Arizona...)

(Eve Caldera, of Atmore, Alabama...)

So here’s my story, my name is Richard Hemmings.

I’m 48 years old and I live in Dallas, Texas.

For me, Male Pattern Hair Loss struck early when I was 22. After starting my first job back at San Antonio in an accounting firm, I had embarrassing bald spots that appeared which everyone loved to tease about.

By the time I reached my mid-thirties those small bald spots had spread to form a “shining crater” across most of my head…

So the only hair I had left was a small ring of hair around the outside of my head. If I was wearing a baseball cap when I leave the house, the women wouldn’t see my bald spots and actually try to make conversation with me like any other normal guy.

But when it comes to events where I couldn’t wear my ball cap, you’ve guessed it, people would just be nice but definitely wouldn’t want to get to know more from “a guy with severe bald spots”. Some of them do recommend me the pharmaceutical approach. I waited no longer and took their advice and started it.

I used it twice a day, every day like directed…

And I waited four-long months, which was instructed by the local pharmacist that said it takes to work. By the end of the four months, the results were pretty disappointing... 

It seemed like more hair was growing on my forehead rather than on my actual bald spots! The side effects were making it worse by putting my scalp on a constant red and rashy state, as if my head was on fire!

(Yeah I know, it looks gross and terrible...)

The OTC (over-the-counter) medicine cost me $40 per month to use, which meant I’d spent a full $160 before seeing a single new healthy hair sprout on my head. If I was to continue for a year, I’d need to spend on a hair treatment that was hardly even working.

As I grew impatient and depressed about my situation, I began looking at alternatives but they all had the same issues for me!



Don’t even mention getting a hair transplant, do I have an extra $10,000 lying around for the surgeon to slice off between 3 to 4 inches of my scalp with a knife?

It affected my work performance and my mood is constantly at an all-time-low which almost cost me my job and I received a verbal warning from the company for being “a mood killer”.

I was in a bad place along with depression. Sheryl, one of my close colleagues who always wears her “happy-go-lucky” attitude to work, handed me a pamphlet about this research pharmacologist from Houston, Texas who discovered a natural way to reverse hair loss.

She mentioned that this research pharmacologist is giving a talk right down the convention hall near the office in a few days time. After careful consideration, I decided to give one last shot to this natural method and see if it's really what it seems to be before giving up my hair restoration journey.

Soon enough, I was in the convention hall with Sheryl. Little did I know after going through the talk, both of us discovered the major secret of hair loss and the way to reverse it!

Dr. Alexander Briggs, the research pharmacologist from University of Texas Health Science Center, who looks like he’s in his 50s, revealed that he’s actually 72 years old. We were all shocked as he does not look like his age and his hair looks equally youthful and thick!

He began his presentation by showing a man with severe bald spots on the left and a man with healthy thick hair on the right. He then said that the head that we’re looking at right now was actually his head 2 years ago.

He too, suffered the same condition as I did. The only difference is, he dedicated his time into finding the root of the cause of hair loss in men and women!

He went through more than 150 research papers just to figure out what causes unnatural hair loss within the human body and the way to stop the “never-ending” fear of going bald. After comparing and filtering out his loads of research, he finally found what he’s looking for.

He said that a steroid, called DHT, is what’s contributing to hair loss to every man and woman. This DHT comes from testosterone which affects women just as often as it does to men. Ovaries in nature produce a surprisingly large amount of testosterone

As man and woman both age in time, the body converts more and more of testosterone into DHT. High levels of DHT are bad for health and in turn, it becomes this “poison” which inhibits healthy hair growth by getting into the hair follicles and killing them, leaving bald spots on heads.

Having high DHT throws the body out of hormonal balance and causes heavy mood swings, depression, and even hot flashes! That explains much for anxiety attacks that I’ve been experiencing all year long!

DHT (also known as dihydrotestosterone) is what’s called an “androgen steroid hormone,” and it’s found in both men and women's bodies. It makes its way inside the hair follicle and “clog it up” which prevents new hair from growing. Over time, that’s where balding begins and the horror that follows!

During one of his herb extraction trips with his fellow scholars over in Korea back in the year of 2018, he stumbled upon this “secret herb” that the locals have been using to treat inflammatory illness, they called it the “Panax Ginseng”. This herb is grown in the cold temperate regions in Korean peninsula and NorthEast China.

Unlike any other regular ginseng, Panax Ginseng is used as a prophylactic and restorative agent for enhancement of physical capabilities, in cases of weakness, exhaustion, tiredness, and loss of concentration and during convalescence. Most importantly, this amazing herb works perfectly for revitalizing hair growth!

DHT is known for “clogging up” within the hair follicle which is a result of an inflammation status for the head. While Panax Ginseng has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which fights DHT, declogging the hair follicle for new hair to grow.

Astonished from his herb discovery, he began to formulate and gather other natural ingredients that consist of anti-inflammatory properties in them. Once the serum was successfully formulated, he waited no longer and applied it then massage it daily morning and night.

As he applied the serum, he changed up his diet as well, all containing vitamins such as zinc, lycopene, and lysine which boost the anti-inflammatory effects for the human body.

Within 3 months that he started the “Panax method”, his bald spots began to grow hair! It gave him a glimpse of hope out of all the methods he tried out!

In just 2 years up till now, the result is as clear as day. Seeing him with youthful and healthy hair, it reignites my hope for my hair recovery journey!

After getting a “2 years package” worth of the serum which only cost about $239.99 for a one time purchase, I began to practice the “Panax method”.



With the practice of a healthy diet, I slowly found my mood improved much better!

My colleagues can see I was starting to smile more, compared to my past self! I was more willing to engage conversation and join theirs too!

Over 6 months of applying the “Panax method” in my life, 75% of my hair came back and I finally look like how I was supposed to according to my age!

People in the company started asking about my hair transformation and all I would just say is try the “Panax method”, because it worked for me and so did 97,989 people of the men and women that it had impacted on, all of us experienced a dramatically fuller head of hair!

Think about it, those hair restoration remedies have been designed so that you have to use them forever or your new hair falls right back out…

Which means that at $40 per month, those hair restoration remedies will be costing you about $480 per year for the rest of your life! Then again, those medications got nothing on hair transplant, which runs you about $9,800 and involving a surgeon slicing and peeling inches of your forehead off with a knife.

Paying that much just to experience all that? I would pick “Panax method” any other day instead.

“2 years package” for a one time purchase for only $239.99, each month it only cost me about $9.99 yet the results are there to prove it!

I’m not here to persuade you to buy it, I’m here to help as many men and women who have the same bald spots issues like me to regain their confidence through an natural practice that me and other 97,989 people have practiced and found results!

(Chris Hendall, of Crystal Creek, Georgia...)

When I first saw the presentation I thought there was NO WAY it could possibly work. I've been pretty much a bald man my whole life and I've tried pharmaceutical alternatives that you can imagine.

The only reason I decided to even give it a try was because the science behind the method made so much sense; and boy I am glad that I did!

By the end of the very first month, new hair was sprouting on my head for the first time in nearly 20 years! And by the end of the third month, there was so much hair that the bald spots were gone just like that! Seriously, I think this is a really great method to practice for those experiencing hair loss problems.

To get started at our “Panax method”, simply click the green button you see below right now.

All you have to do is start the “Panax method” now and you’ll be astonished when you look into the mirror again!


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As this presentation is finishing, you’ll need to make the important choice for your hair recovery journey! We definitely have no hard feelings if you choose to finish the presentation and click away.

But before you do click away, take a moment to answer these questions:

If not through the “Panax method”, what will you use to fight hair loss and eliminate bald spots?

Will you keep spending hundreds of dollars a year on OTC medication or take out $10k for a cosmetic hair transplant?

Or just accept the bald spot on the head and try to ignore it whenever you look into the mirror?

You could make a conscious choice of doing any of the above, but why would you when you can choose to recover hair in the most natural way possible?

Let yourself sleep soundly at night knowing you’ve done something healthy and good for your head and hair, which improves overall day mood as well!

Practice it all with only an ingenious combination of natural vitamins and herbs in a bottle serum with self massages on the head.

The decision is yours to be made, but I know you’ll make the right decision for your health as Dr Alexander Briggs says:

“It’s only failure if you never started a single step towards recovery plans.”


Richard Hemmings.

PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum

by Dr. Alexander Briggs of Dermatology Research

Just drip and massage it! Combined with both powerful healing & soothing properties, PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum is formulated to remove bald spots from both man and woman, providing amazing essence to promote hair growth from clogged hair follicles!

Combined with the powerful healing herb, "Panax Ginseng" aids in unclogging hair follicles swiftly while nourishing hair fully with volume!

Richard H.

PanaxGinseng Verified Buyer ✅

Why PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum?

  • Having bald spots really hurt the self-esteem badly!

  • Tried medications that leaves harmful side effects to the body yet no improvements!

  • The fear of going through hair transplant surgery and really expensive!

  • All the ingredients are 100% natural and cruelty-free!

Eliminate Bald Spots

Swiftly reduces bald spots appearance,

providing more hair volume instead!

Scalp Soothing Care

Swiftly returns healthy moisture to scalp,

unclogging hair follicles for hair to grow!

Major Confident Booster

Knowing there's hair on top of your head,

feels so much secure both inside and outside!

The Man Behind The Healing Serum

He spend his time perfecting the right serum that is safe for application with his findings

Dr. Alexander Briggs

"It's only failure if you never started a single step towards recovery plans."

Alexander Briggs, a research pharmacologist from Houston, Texas

who dedicated his time to find a way to reverse hair loss problems.

Through his research and findings, he finally found the healing herb ingredient, "Panax Ginseng" during his trip to Korea and from that day, he spend his time experimenting and formulating the serum.

Ultimately, he was able to formulate the right serum as we know today, "PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum" and the "Panax method" which promotes hair growth on severe balding conditions!

Powerful Healing Herb Ingredient

The core healing herb ingredient that makes hair restoration possible for many people

Panax Ginseng

"Unlike any other regular ginseng, Panax Ginseng is used as a prophylactic and restorative agent for enhancement of physical capabilities, in cases of weakness, exhaustion, tiredness, and loss of concentration and during convalescence." (Alexander B., Research Pharmacologist)

To put it simply, this amazing herb contains anti-inflammatory properties that fights against "clogged up" hair follicles that preventing hair growth due to a substance, DHT (dihyrdrotestosterone) that overproduced within the body which in return, harms the body more than good.

With this incredible herb, the side effects of overproduced DHT that causes hormonal balance which causes heavy mood swings, depression, and even hot flashes will be significantly subside due to its healing properties, balancing the entirety of the health naturally.


The all-time method that naturally increases hair growth if practiced consistently

2 Simple Daily Task Only!

The first task is to apply the serum to the head, or more accurately the bald areas.

This is the hair growth serum application guide.

The second task is to switch up diet plan that includes the necessary vitamins for hair growth and preventing overproduction of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) within the body.

These are the core vitamins needed.


(act as DHT blocker)

Great example zinc food sources:

- Spinach

- White Mushroom

- Kale

- Pumpkin Seeds


(inhibits DHT production)

Great example lycopene food sources:

- Banana

- Mango

- Tomato

- Beetroot

lysine (balance skin sensitivity to dht)

Great example lysine food sources:

- Flax Seeds

- Coffee

- Boiled Egg

- Green/Black Tea

- Soybeans

- Edamame


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verified buyer ✅

"I've been struggling with balding problem for about 10 years now and it got to a point where it's making me depressed about my helpless situation. Then came along PanaxGinseng Hair Regrowth Serum, these totally changed my life!"

"Not only these hair growth serums were quick in "unclogging" my hair follicles, it balances out the sensitivity in my scalp! The application process is not complicated at all, just drip and massage on the affected scalp area!"

"In just 6 months of applying PanaxGinseng, 80% of my hair came back and looks way more healthier than before! Definitely should try the "Panax method" out because it diminishes existing bald spots!"



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PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum
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$49.99 USD$29.99 USD

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PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum


$49.99 USD$29.99 USD



$49.99 USD$29.99 USD

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum


$49.99 USD$29.99 USD



$49.99 USD$29.99 USD

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


We answer the questions or doubts you have and solve them at the best of our ability!

Q: What makes PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum different from hair restoration drugs?

PanaxGinseng Hair Growth Serum gives out natural prevention protocol that's 100% natural. This Hair Growth Serum doesn't just promotes hair growth, it provides beneficial elements that blocks out DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from clogging up the hair follicles.

Q: Why is this a better choice compared to hair transplant which gives hair faster?

First of all, hair transplants cost up to $10,000 and they usually aren't covered by insurance. Secondly, the surgeon actually takes a knife and painfully slices off several inches scalp off, then sews the head back together.

Instead of going through all that, PanaxGinseng practices natural method that swiftly reverse hair loss in just 3 months!

Q: Is it hard to put the "Panax method" into practice?

Totally not complicated! 2 simple daily task and the "Panax method" will be well-practiced!

Apply and massage the hair serum in the morning and night.

(First Task)

Include important vitamins in meals such as Zinc, Lycopene, and Lysine. Example foods like Bananas, Tomatoes, Beetroots, Flax Seeds, and many more!

(Second Task)

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