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Professional Tool 

For Any Handiwork.

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% confident about our product that we’ll give you a REFUND if it doesn’t work well.

You are using unnecessary measuring instruments that is inconvenient.

You feel burdened by procedures of measurements of your handiwork.

You don't have a precise measurement of the shape you are trying to replicate.


While replicating irregular shapes of your home can be complicated, imagine locking measurements into shape with just a switch, then enabling you to trace the measured outline.

Saker® helps with measuring and replicating shapes easily, keeping that complicated work into an easy procedure with just a flick of a button.


A Craftsman's Essential.

This profile gauge creates an instant template for curved and odd shaped profiles simply and easily. Never transfer profiles to paper or cardboard again.

A Tool You Can Trust.

Unlike any other profile tools in the market, the Saker® features 158 unscratchable teeth to measure without an issue.

Why Saker®?

  • You need to duplicate irregular shape precisely.

  • You need a handy measuring tool that is accurate and durable.

  • You're looking for a measuring tool that is easy to use.

  • You are looking for a measuring tool that is widely applicable to all handy work project.

  • You're need a tool that can lock your measurements in place.



Featuring Locking Mechanism.

Lock desired shape into place with the built-in locking mechanism on Saker®, a feature that is widely regarded as one of the best feature of the product as it made replicating shapesso much easer.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews



frequently asked questions

Will this work with replicating rough wood shapes?

Saker® is meant to be used on any type of solid surface. Fit it around whatever object that needs a good fit, usually something with an odd or hard-to-measure shape. Lay the profile tool on, and gently trace the pattern with a pencil before cutting it out.

Is the contour gauge magnetic to store it on a metal wall?

Saker® can be customized easily as it can not be damaged by tapes or adhesive. There are slots on the back of gauge where you could install magnets with double-sided tape.

What is the weight and length specifications of Saker®?

Click on the "Order Now" button above to choose your desired length and width upon checkout for your very personal Saker® Contour Gauge. 

Length available: 5 inches or 10 inches.
Width available: 10cm or 13 cm.
Weight: 300g - 500g