Cheezy Cleansing Soap
Cheezy Cleansing Soap
Cheezy Cleansing Soap
Cheezy Cleansing Soap
Cheezy Cleansing Soap

Cheezy Cleansing Soap

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Conventional acne treatments can be expensive and often have undesirable side effects like dryness, redness and irritation.

This has prompted many people to look into how to combat acne naturally at home. 

Cheezy Cleansing Soap is not an ordinary soap, it can be a perfect cleansing solution that everyone needs. 


🧀Deep cleansing and combat acne

Our Cheezy Cleansing Soap has incredible deep pore cleansing action and able to clear and prevent acne effectively. It can remove dirt, oil and irritating impurities without causing discomfort or clogging poresThe soap is formulated with cheese extract which can make the foam stretchable and the texture fine and soft.

🧀Eliminate mites and bacteria

Cheezy Cleansing Soap able to eliminate mites and bacteria at the same time. Mite is a type of parasite that lives on humans. Most of the time, these mites are harmless and will go unnoticed. However, larger numbers of mites can cause unwanted symptoms and skin problems. This soap can work well to chase away this annoying parasites and even harmful bacteria.

🧀Oil controlling

Our Cheezy Cleansing Soap great in oil controlling as well as keep refreshing without leaving any dryness and irritating

🧀Moisturizing and hydrating

This Cheezy Cleansing Soap is able to keep moisturized and hydrated all day long.

🧀Gentle ingredients

The ingredients of Cheezy Cleansing Soap are all natural and tested.  It's extremely gentle and safe for daily use. 


🧀Ingredient: Propolis, Milk Protein, Cheese Extract, Argan Oil

🧀Net Weight: 60g

🧀Skin type: Formulated for all skin type especially acne and oily skin


🧀Wet face

🧀Apply small amount to clean fingertips and work into a lather.

🧀Gently massage into damp facial areas in upward, circular motions

🧀Avoid immediate eye area

🧀Rinse thoroughly or remove excess with lukewarm water

Package Included: 

🧀1 x Cheezy Cleansing Soap

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