Day & Night Hydrating Lip Mask
Day & Night Hydrating Lip Mask
Day & Night Hydrating Lip Mask
Day & Night Hydrating Lip Mask
Day & Night Hydrating Lip Mask

Day & Night Hydrating Lip Mask

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What's the problem with matte lipstick? It’s super drying. 🙅🏻‍♀️

We might look amazing in a nude-ish, pink-ish matte lip one day, but be struggling with dry and cracked lips the next.

So, what to do when every day calls for the perfect lip color, but don’t want to deal with the after-effects?

That’s where lip masks come in.

Our Day and Night Hydrating Lip Mask is perfect for daily and nightly use on lip care. 

💋Hydrating and Moisturizing:

This lip mask helps to moisturize and hydrate lips all day long. Thus preventing dryness and cracked lips

💋Smoothen Lines and Brighten Lips:

Our lip mask is able to smoothen fine lines and promote elastic lips. This allow easy application of make-up or other cosmetic products.

It also comes with exfoliating features and able to improve our lips' health. This lip mask can brighten lips effectively and bring color to the lips.

💋Light and Refreshing:

The texture is light and refreshing without leaving any feeling of stickiness. It is light-pinkish in color, and will turn into watery texture that can be absorbed easily by the lips.

💋Natural Ingredients:

The ingredients are all natural and tested, which is safe for daily use. It is suitable for any type of skin especially dry and chapped lips.

💋Equipped with Handy Brush and Mirror: 

The Day and Night Hydrating Lip Mask comes with a silicone handy lip brush. It is also equipped with a mirror for its user's convenience.


    Day and Night Hydrating Lip Mask acts as an important role in lip care. It can be used in daily routine and night care.

    • Daily nourishment: Apply a thin layer daily as a lip balm to keep lips moist. 
    • Before make up: Apply a thin layer as moisturizer on lips before applying lips make up. 
    • Night hydration restoring: Night is the golden time for restoring the hydration of lipsBefore you head to bed at nightapply a thick layer to lips. On the next day, use a cotton pad gently rub off the excessive lip mask and any dry skin on lips. This will also boost circulation to the area. 


    • 🌹Ingredients: Jojoba oil, squalane, glycerin, beeswax, etc.
    • 🌹Net content: 12g
    • 🌹Total Weight: 55g
    • 🌹Package box size: Approx. 4.1 x 6 cm (1.61 x 2.36 inch)
    • 🌹Color: Light-pinkish color
    • 🌹Suitable for: any type of skin, especially for dry lips


    • 💋1x Day and Night Hydrating Lip Mask

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