Greenland Raised Garden Bed
Greenland Raised Garden Bed
Greenland Raised Garden Bed
Greenland Raised Garden Bed
Greenland Raised Garden Bed

Greenland Raised Garden Bed

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Design your own mini garden at home! 🌞🥦🥬🌶🌺

Even don't have a lot of space for gardening, you can still have a productive vegetable garden, no matter the size. How?

Start with our Greenland Raised Garden Bed. It's the shortcut to a plentiful harvest. This is an amazing way to grow vegetables without the hassle of an in-ground garden. It's easy to raise the garden bed. Just unfold it on any level surface and you’re ready to grow.

Planning for a successful harvest, plant your broccoli, cucumber, dwarf eggplant, cherry tomato, carrots green pepper and other vegetables or flowers.


🥕Garden anywhere.
Attractive Raised Garden Beds are an asset to your landscape. Create perimeter gardens, spice up your entryway, grow food in your front yard, screen an eyesore.

🥕More food in less space.
You can set plants closer together so every square inch is productive. And small-space gardening techniques.

🥕Plant earlier.
Excess water drains better and soil warms up faster in spring compared to in-ground beds. Specialized covers and garden fabric help you get started even earlier.

🥕Better soil.
A productive vegetable garden depends on good soil. With a Raised Garden Bed, you start fresh with the ideal soil blend — even if the soil on your site is poor.

🥕Fewer weeds.
Because Raised Garden Beds are densely planted, weeds have little room to grow. And when they do find space, it's easy to pull them from the loose, rich soil.

🥕Reusable & Easy to store
It can be used indoors and outdoors for many years. Easy to store by fold when you stop gardening. Made of eco-friendly material.


Colors: Black

Size:  6 different sizes to choose 

Package Including: 

1pc x Greenland Raised Garden Bed 

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