Natural Mites Removal Patch
Natural Mites Removal Patch
Natural Mites Removal Patch
Natural Mites Removal Patch

Natural Mites Removal Patch

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Avoid sleeping with Mites every night!¬† ūüõĆ

We spend about one-third of our life either sleeping to attempting to do so.  We could speed a long time at our bed. Just thinking of these dust mites living in the pillow by the millions, eating dead skin and hair! 

Mites are not only among the most wide-spread creatures on the planet. They are also among the most diverse. And, because of their small size, they largely go unnoticed.

Introducing Natural Mites Removal Patch. It is 100% made in natural ingredient so it is safe for pregnant women and babies. A simple and easy way to get rid of the mites. No need to move the heavy bed out for clean anymore. 


ūüŹ† Unique Design¬†

Designed as a special three-dimensional triangle weave to capture mites easily. 

ūüŹ†¬†Natural Ingredient

Made in¬†100% Safe & Natural Ingredients include Mint,¬†ArtemisiasÔľĆSophora flavescens, and¬†Stemona tuberosa.¬†The smell of natural herbs attract the mites and kill them after a few hours. Safe for pregnant women and babies.¬†

ūüŹ† Economical

One small patch can last up to 2 months.  Change a brand new patch after 2 months using it. 

ūüŹ† Easy to use

Lightweight & easy to place. Place under the areas that mites would live, for example, bed, carpet, and pillow. Your health guardian! 


Ingredient: Mint, Artemisias, Sophora flavescens and Stemona tuberosa

Package includes: 

1x pcs Natural Mites Removal Patch 

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