Pampas Grass Seeds
Pampas Grass Seeds
Pampas Grass Seeds
Pampas Grass Seeds
Pampas Grass Seeds

Pampas Grass Seeds

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A remarkably fast growing, showy ornamental grass!


🌾Large space, Plenty Sunlight and Good Drainage.

Pampas Grass, also known as Cortaderia selloana is one of the largest ornamental grasses, and it is important to place the plants where they will have ample space, and they prefer a position in full sun.

Pampas Grass does require good drainage especially during the fall and winter. The grass blades are sharp, so care must be taken when pruning.

🌾Silky and Feathery Plumes

This tall, ornamental grass is known for its silky, feathery plumes. Pampas Grass will bloom for a long time in late summer and fall. Before the blooms are completely spent, many people choose to cut and dry the plumes for indoor use.

🌾Best Decorating Idea

For gorgeous wedding backdrops or simple home decor accents, these natural pampas plumes will add gorgeous, organic texture to any of the arrangements.

🌾How To Grow:

1. Plant pampas grass in spring. *The grass will need lots of sun, and only a small amount of water.*

2. Prepare the well-drained, fertile soil.

3. Sow the seeds directly onto the prepared soil but DO NOT cover them with soil.

4. Throughout the first growing season, water the grass with regularity.

5. In subsequent years, Pampas grass will be drought tolerant.

🌾How to care: 

1. Water sparingly. Water the ornamental grass once every couple of weeks for the first year of growth. Water more frequently during periods of extreme drought. No watering is needed after the plant is well established.

2. Fertilize the grass. During the first year, fertilize up to three times. After the first year, fertilize only once per year. It may take up to 3 years for pampas grass to flower.

3. Prune established pampas grass. Use trimmers to prune the grass in the late winter or early spring months. *Be careful and wear long sleeves and gloves when pruning and handling pampas grass plants as the edges are sharp.*

4. Drain the leaves. Tie the leaves of the grass together with string in November to allow water to drain from the plant. This will prevent shock during the cold months.

5. Cover the roots. Put straw or mulch over the roots of pampas grass before frost season. Alternatively, cover the roots with a fleece wrap.

6. Keep an eye out for diseases and pests. Luckily, pampas grass is almost entirely disease-free. However, pampas grass can occasionally develop spots. Simply use a fungicide to quickly get rid it.


🌾Colors: Pink, Blue, Purple, White, Yellow, Red, Mix Colors

🌾Packages: 100pcs / 200 pcs

🌾Average Heights: 150-180cm

🌾Average Germination Time: 14 - 21 days

🌾Temperature: Kept at 65-75° F

Package Including: 

🌾1 package x Pampas Grass Seeds

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