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Look good and feel safe!

Clothing has been used for protection since the beginning of time and shielding the body. Today, protective clothing is generally used to denote apparel and apparel accessories that focus on physical protection for the body.

ShieldGuard combine fashion and function while doing its job in protection and prevention.


🌞Total Protection

ShieldGuard features a total coverage that gives a strong, additional protection. It can completely cover the upper body to prevent from particles and splashing fluid while keeping breathing freely at the same time.

🌞Detachable Face Shield

This face shield is made of good TPU material is easy to clean with any detergent, meanwhile reusable and durable. It's detachable benefits won't obstruct breathing and bring maximum comfort for all day long.

🌞Waterproof and Stain-proof

Our jacket is treated with a great water repellent treatment which will make liquid roll right off the surface and keep dry all day long. 

This will allow the outerwear to stay clean, resist odor, and repel liquid. It is also features quick dry as well as feel comfortable indoors or outdoors.

🌞Lightweight, Breathable and Durable

ShieldGuard is made of high quality polyester for excellent breathability and extremely lightweight for extra comfort all day long and allows skin to breathe in hot and humid conditions.

Its high durability can withstand damage for long-wearing.

🌞Sun Protection

Our ShieldGuard also act as a sun-safe apparel that helps to protect from direct sunlight. It also absorbs or blocks UV radiation and remains one of the most effective forms of protection against sun damage. It's available in thin and thick version which are both suitable for summer.

🌞Perfect Protective Clothing

This unisex clothing is perfectly applicable to indoor and outdoor activities such as office wear, school, hanging out, sports, running, bicycle and motorcycle riding and for travel.


🌞Colors: Black, White, Blue, Yellow

🌞Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

🌞Types: Thin (Available for Black & White), Thick

🌞Material for Jacket: 100% Polyester

🌞Material for Face Shield: Imported TPU (fog-free)

🌞Net Weight: 400g


🌞1 x ShieldGuard

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